At this portal the administrative contact of a .SG domain name may login to:
- Verify the identity of the domain name registrant or
- Enable/Disable "RegistryLock" on the domain name.

Announcement: From 19th April 2020 onwards, domain names registered before 2 May 2013 will be subject to the VerifiedID@SG scheme once the identity or contact information of the registrant is changed. A check on SGNIC WHOIS for the domain name will show that the verification of the domain name is pending (“VerifiedID@SG-Pending”), and cannot be renewed (“Server Renew Prohibited”) until the administrative contact completes the verification process. For more information, please visit the VerifiedID@SG FAQ.

What is SingPass?
SingPass is the common username and password issued by the Singapore Government to transact with different online services.

Forgot your password? Please go to http://www.singpass.gov.sg and look under "Forgot SingPass" section.
What is CorpPass?
CorpPass is a corporate digital identity issued by the Singapore Government for businesses and other entities (such as non-profit organisations and associations) to transact with different online services.

Forgot your password? Please go to https://www.corppass.gov.sg and look under "Forgot Entity / CorpPass ID or Password?" section.
What is SGNICID?
SGNICID is an username that is issued by SGNIC to an organisation or (foreign) individual after passing a physical identity verification exercise at SGNIC office. It is only issued under special circumstances.
Eligibility for SGNICID
Click here to extend the verification due date by 7 days.

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